Alligator Alley was formed in February of 2014, in South Florida. While the band itself is new, the years of band experience between its members is extensive, numbering in the dozens. The original formation of the band was: Justin Mason on Mandolin, Shawn Mason on Guitar, Charles Mason on Guitar, Joseph Choina on Bass and Serge Boyokjon on Banjo. While there has been a few minor changes to the members & instruments, the band has been steadily growing its repertoire and following. 


When AA was formed, the only goal was to make music people wanted to go watch. The band goes out of its way to play Contemporary Bluegrass in a style in which even Bluegrass traditionalists can appreciate. The goal is to play songs people enjoy but to do so in a style that is unique to AA. 

One of AA's best assets is its performance. The band tries hard to make people enjoy their live sets with exciting music, witty banter and an energy that is hard to match. When you go see a AA set, you already know that you wont be bored.

On top of the experience and showmanship, the band harnesses some of the best songwriting minds in Bluegrass music. The original songs that members of AA create have become renowned among the music community and are often requested multiple times at a show. 

Now with Justin on Guitar, Shawn on Banjo, Charles on Mandolin and Joe on Bass, Alligator Alley has become one of the most sought after acts in the state and continue to play such large festivals as Yeehaw Music Fest and the Everglades Bluegrass Festival.